Meet The Team

Our Mission:  bring people together with artwork  through celebrating America and the things that make it wonderfully unique. 

"In this moment of division, artists are the ones who foster dialog and help people envision the world as it can be." - Hannah Cole 

Founder and CEO, Gretchen Pace, served on active duty in the US Army for nearly nine years.  She now serves in the US Army Reserves and is pursuing an MBA at the University of Virginia Darden School of  Business.


Launching Goose & Willow in the summer of 2021, she is building a community of creators and customers who share a similar love of country.

In today's polarized world, shifting the focus away from topics of which we disagree and towards the things we love and appreciate about our country is of top concern for Gretchen. 

The Goose & Willow brand offers a variety of specialty home goods that feature Americana-themed artwork with the goal of producing everything ethically and sustainably right here in the USA.